Meet Mz Red Carpet

Meet Chiquita Ann. Some would consider Chiquita a serial entrepreneur. She has many talents and specializes in many different areas. Chiquita is not only a makeup artist, but she also owns her own cosmetics line called “MzRedCarpet Cosmetics”! Not only does Chiquita come from a family of stylist and beauty experts but she has worked in the beauty industry since she was a young teen at just 14 years old. Chiquita built her many years of experience starting out as a shampoo girl in a small hair salon. She didn’t know that she was preparing herself to become a manager of another salon.

While Chiquita took a short break to reset and hone in on her expertise she jumped back into the beauty industry in 2012, falling in love with the beauty industry once more and has been unstoppable ever since. She has made her mark and long-lasting impression on many, working as a makeup artist for several TV shows, films and in the fashion industry. Upon embarking on her many journeys, she realized that this was her calling and moved on to launch her own lipstick and lash line in 2019. Chiquita who is also known as the “transformer” in the beauty industry mission is “Making people look and feel good about themselves. Once they leave her chair it’s like they develop a new self-confidence about themselves.” Originally hailing from Chicago IL and now residing in Nashville TN, Chiquita has risen above stereotypes, barriers and obstacles placed in her way to deter her success. She has been a pillar in her community, mentor to young women, a strong leader and positive influencer.